With his handlebar moustache and booming baritone, Lee Hazlewood must have cut an isolated figure in the 60’s showbiz world he inhabited. Frequently overshadowed by his collaborations with a whole host of desirable women, most famously Nancy Sinatra, his own records found him singing the songs no-one else wanted from him. Naturally they sold nowt.

   That’s largely because Lee Hazlewood was blessed (or cursed) with his own unique, singular vision of pop. With neither the influence or allure of far less talented mortals, assessing his legacy is a little tricky. In fact, it’s much easier to think of him as one of those curious oddballs floating around the pop periphery, albeit one who in his last days found himself championed by the likes of Beck, Sonic Youth, Jarvis Cocker and Jason Pearce. Of his cult status, he once said; ‘Thank God for kids who love obscure things’. I say ‘Amen to that’ or he would be lost forever.        


1. We All Make The Flowers Grow / Trouble Is A Lonesome Town LP November 1963

2. A Real Live Fool / Fridays Child LPP October 1965

3. Sand (With Suzi Jane Hokum) / Single A Side May 1966

4. My Autumn’s Done Come / Single B Side May 1966

5. For One Moment / The Very Special World Of LP / October 1966

6. I Move Around / The Very Special World Of LP / October 1966

7. Summerwine (With Suzi Jane Hokum) / Single A Side April 1967

8. The Girls In Paris / Lee Hazelwoodism / It’s Cause And Cure LP May 1967

9. Some Velvet Morning (With Nancy Sinatra) / Single A Side December 1967

10. Sundown Sundown (With Nancy Sinatra) / Nancy And Lee LP April 1968

11. Forget Marie / Love And Other Crimes LP August 1968

12. Walk On Out Of My Mind (With Ann Margaret) / The Cowboy And The Lady LP March 1969

13. The Bed / Forty LP October 1969

14. Lets Burn Down The Cornfield / Forty LP October 1969

15. No Train To Stockholm / Single A Side February 1970

16. Hey Cowboy (With Nina Lizell) / Single A Side June 1970

17. Easy And Me / Cowboy In Sweden LP February 1971

18. Leather And Lace / Cowboy In Sweden LP February 1971

19. I’m Glad I Never / Requiem For An Almost LP Lady July 1971

20. If It’s Monday Morning / Requiem For An Almost Lady LP July 1971

21. Come On Home / Requiem For An Almost Lady LP July 1971

22. Ten Or Eleven Towns Ago / Thirteen LP November 1972

23. She Comes Running / Thirteen LP November 1972

24. Poet Fool Or Bum/ Poet Fool Or Bum LP March 1974

25. Souls Island / A House Safe For Tigers LP February 1975

26. Lars Gunnar And Me / A House Safe For Tigers LP February 1975

27. Your Thunder And Your Lightning / Back On The Streets Again LP October 1977