February 2021


1. SLEAFORD MODS Feat. Billy Nomates ‘Mork n Mindy’ (Spare Ribs January 2021)

2. PALE BLUE EYES ‘Motionless’ (Download January 2021)

3. LANA DEL RAY ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’ (Download January 2021)

4. JAMES BLAKE ‘When We’re Older’ (Covers December 2020)

5. CHANNEL TRES Feat. Tyler The Creator ‘Fuego’ (I Can’t Go Outside December 2020)

6. PERFUME GENIUS ‘Your Body Changes Everything’ [Boy Harsher Remix] (Download January 2021)

7. MADLIB ‘Road Of The Lonely Ones’ (Sound Ancestors January 2021)

8. BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD ‘Science Fair’ (Download January 2021)

9. BURIAL, FOUR TET & THOM YORKE ‘Her Revolution’ (Download December 2020)

10. SOPHIE ‘Unisil’ (Download January 2021)