Just like our favourite Secret Pleasures, the concept of a long lost Buried Treasure hidden deep amongst the flotsam and jetsam of modern music culture means different things to different folk. To a Hi-Fidelity, obscurist nut, most will be old news. To others, for whom the latest Adele or X factor sensation provides a soothing anesthetic to soundtrack their ‘busy’ lives, they will all be completely unknown.

   In effect, the tracks here are our sonic flowers in the dustbin. At one time or another they were contenders for our other featured playlists, but after failing to make the cut, had to be returned to our metaphorical dump. They are the misfits, the ugly ducklings tucked away on unloved albums, B sides, disc two track four of that triple pack CD single or just a vintage chart hit no-one remembers.

   Buried Treasures is all about digging them up again, wiping off the dust and letting them shine. And shine they most certainly do. But don’t take our word for it. you can make your own mind up right now by plugging into our Spotify Play Button. As for those currently unavailable, Soulseek and you shall find. It won’t cost you a penny!