A bit like our favourite Secret Pleasures, the concept of a long lost Buried Treasure hidden deep amongst the flotsam and jetsam of modern music culture means different things to different people. To an obscurist nut most will be old news. To others, for who the latest Adele or Harry Styles sensation provides an anaesthetising soundtrack to their ‘busy’ lives, they will be completely unknown.

   In effect, the tracks here are our sonic flowers in the dustbin. At one time or another they were contenders for our other featured playlists, but after failing to make the cut, had to be returned to our metaphorical dump. They are the misfits, the ugly ducklings tucked away on unloved albums, B sides, bonus tracks, disc two track four of that long lost triple pack CD single recently resurrected on Spotify or just an old chart hit no-one remembers.

   Buried Treasures is all about digging them up, wiping off the dust and letting them shine. And shine they most certainly do. But don’t take our word for it. You can make your own mind up right now! 


01. BROKEN BELLS ‘The High Road’ (Broken Bells LP March 2010)

02. MATTHEW DEAR ‘Honey’ (Black City LP August 2010)

03. GRINDERMAN ‘Palaces Of Montezuma’ (Grinderman 2 LP September 2010)

04. EGYPTIAN HIP HOP ‘Rad Pitt’ (Some Reptiles Grew Wings EP September 2010)

05. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE ‘Monday Morning’ (Codes And Keys LP May 2011)

06. FLEET FOXES ‘Lorelai’ (Helplessness Blues LP May 2011)

07. BARBARA PANTHER ‘Moonlightpeople’ (Barbara Panther LP May 2011)

08. YOUTH LAGOON ‘17’ (The Year Of Hibernation September 2011)

09. WOODEN SHJIPS ‘Lazy Bones’ (West LP August 2011)

10. MARK LANEGAN ‘The Gravediggers Song’ (Blues Funeral LP February 2012)

11. SPIRITUALIZED ‘I Am What I Am’ (Sweet Heart Sweet Light LP April 2012)

12. LOWER DENS ‘Brains’ (Nootropics LP April 2012)

13. ARIEL PINK FEAT. DAM–FUNK ‘Baby’ (Mature Themes LP August 2012)

14. WOODKID ‘I Love You’ (The Golden Age LP March 2013)

15. DEPTFORD GOTH ‘Life After Defo’ (Life After Defo LP March 2013)

16. BILL RYDER-JONES ‘He Took You In His Arms’ (A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart LP April 2013)

17. LA FEMME ‘Oh Baby Doll’ [Bonus Track] (Psycho Tropical Berlin LP November 2013)

18. SABINA ‘Toujours’ (Toujours LP March 2014)

19. CONOR OBERST ‘Zigzagging Towards The Light’ (Upside Down Mountain LP May 2014)

20. KAI TEMPEST ‘Lonely Daze’ (Everybody Down LP May 2014)

21. INGA COPELAND & ACTRESS ‘Advice To Young Girls’ (Because I’m Worth It LP June 2014)

22. MUMBAI SCIENCE & PEACHES ‘Whistleblower’ (Déjà vu LP June 2014)

23. MINI MANSIONS FEAT. ALEX TURNER ‘Vertigo’ (The Great Pretenders LP March 2015)

24. GWYLIM GOLD ‘Breathless’ (A Paradise LP August 2015)

25. BLUE DAISY ‘Six Days’ (Darker Than Blue LP September 2015)

26. JOHN GRANT & TRACEY THORN ‘Disappointing’ (Grey Tickles, Black Pressure LP October 2015)

27. BAAUER & M.I.A. ‘Temple’ (Aa LP March 2016)

28. YACHT ‘Ringtone’ [Joe Goddard Remix] (I Thought The Cooler Would Be Future (Remixes) EP April 2016)

29. BECK ‘Wow’ (Single June 2016)

30. CONFIDENCE MAN ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’ (Single March 2017)

31. SNAPPED ANKLES ‘Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin’ (Single May 2017)

32. PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING ‘People Will Always Need Coal’ (Single June 2017)

33. CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG ‘Deadly Valentine’ (Single September 2017)

34. GOLDEN TEACHER ‘Sauchiehall Withdrawal’ (Single September 2017)

35. TELEMAN ‘Submarine Life’ (Single April 2018)

36. ESCAPE-ISM ‘I’m A Lover (At Close Range)’ (Single August 2018)

37. LAMBCHOP ‘Everything For You’ (Single January 2019)

38. RAT BOY ‘Follow Your Heart’ (Internationally Unknown LP January 2019)

39. VENDREDI SUR MER ‘Chewing-Gum’ (Premiers Emois LP March 2019)  

40. DECA & NEON BROWN ‘Charlie’s Fix’ (The Donner Party LP August 2019)