Through the final years of the 70’s I’d often sit in my bedsit listening religiously to John Peel, 10 till 12, Monday to Thursday. It was the only place to hear anything old or new outside of the top 40. As renowned Peel favourites The Fall would always feature heavily. Try as I might I just couldn’t escape them. It was almost as if Mark Smith was hunting me down for being the soft, middle class, southern wanker he undoubtedly would have thought I was. And incredibly, a mere 35 years down the line, he continues to be a fly in the ointment, the ultimate punk for sheer persistence alone.

   At the last count there were 30 Fall LP’s, five live LP’s, 36 compilations and countless singles and EP’s. An absolute minefield for even the most avid fan let alone a newcomer. But for what it’s worth, I’ve trawled through most of them and come up with my 20 favourite Fall songs. Of course no Fall collection can ever be definitive because just when we think we’ve heard the last of them along comes another LP and tour, another gnarly rush of punky garage rockabilly topped off with those doleful, inimitable, artful musings on the ridiculousness and wonder of the world we live in. Forgoing a nice, quiet, retirement down the pub, Mark Smith continues his unenviable quest. The funny thing is I’d bet money even he doesn’t know why he’s still doing it but I guess he will no matter how old he gets. The Fall is the itch he just can’t scratch, a curse he will never be free of until his dying day.   


1. Psycho Mafia / Bingo Masters Breakout EP June 1978   

2. Crap Rap 2 / Live At The Witch Trials LP January 1979

3. Fiery Jack / Single A Side January 1980

4. How I Wrote Elastic Man / Single A Side June 1980

5. Totally Wired / Single A Side September 1980

6. Container Drivers / Grotesque LP November 1980

7. Leave The Capitol / Slates LP April 1981

8. The Classical / Hex Education Hour LP March 1982

9. The Man Whose Head Expanded / Single A Side June 1983

10. I Feel Voxish / Perverted By Language LP December 1983

11. C.R.E.E.P. / Single A side August 1984

12. Lay Of The Land / The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall LP September 1984

13. Spoilt Victorian Child / This Nations Saving Grace LP September 1985

14. Cruisers Creek / Single A side October 1985

15. Hit The North / Single A Side October 1987

16. Big New Prinz / I Am Kurious Oranj LP October 1988

17. Bill Is Dead / Extricate LP February 1990

18. Hey! Student / Middle Class Revolt LP May 1994    

19. Dr Bucks Letter / The Unutterable LP November 2000

20. Theme From Sparta FC / Single A Side June 2004