I first started buying records in 1972 when I had just turned twelve. Since then my life has been a four decade binge of rock’n’roll, pop, glam, punk, hip hop, indie and electronica. A life that at one time or another has included Bowie, The Clash, Sisters Of Mercy, Happy Mondays, The Manics, Massive Attack, Nick Cave, The Libertines and a thousand more.

   Over the past five years my iPod has been a constant companion, forty years of memory wrapped neatly in a little black box, thousands of songs that have informed every part of my life no matter how randomly. Some have changed the way I think, some have changed the way I dress while many have just been there for me when I've woken up in the morning or come home from work. In arranging what I believe are the best of them in chronological order, I hope to tell a story, both personal and general, about where music has taken me and more importantly: Why?

   1976 was the only possible starting point because the apocalyptic catalyst of punk is where my own relationship with music changed forever, from simply liking stuff to complete and total obsession. These are the songs that hit me as they happened; every week, every month, every year. The choice of some has surprised me, but when reconnected with the distant or near past, strange things can happen.

   Each and every song on these playlists is here for a reason, but that doesn't mean they are all deep meaning or significant. Sometimes a good tune is just a good tune whether you're happy, sad, raving or completely fucked. After all, despite what most writers and music analysts believe, this is not rocket science. It's just the soundtrack to my life!


Chris Green