Rolling Stones / The 80’s & Beyond


For almost thirty years the Stones have been not so much a band as a brand. Sold out stadium tours followed by souvenir live records keep them in the public eye despite not one solitary song worthy of discussion since 'Undercover Of The Night'. Knowing I’d already hung around longer than I should, even I gave up after that. Of course, it’s a waste of time comparing the 80’s and beyond albums with their decade long sequence of classics. And it’s a waste of time trying to kid ourselves that any of these songs have any relevance in late 20th/ early 21st century music culture because they don’t. Lets be honest, The Stones look set to play out the remainder of their life as solidly and unmomentously as their hero Muddy Waters; never dismissed but taken for granted. For me they will always be something of an intriguing antique curio, one to be checked out but not one to waste too much time on. Whether anyone else can be arsed is another matter although interestingly, Tattoo You is the second best selling Stones album of all time (Some Girls is the best seller fact fans) while Emotional Rescue, Steel Wheels and Voodoo Lounge all appear in the top ten. Clearly there are a lot of people who are still interested.


01 She’s So Cold / Emotional Rescue June 1980

02 Send It To Me / Emotional Rescue June 1980

03 Down In The Hole / Emotional Rescue June 1980

04 Hang Fire / Tattoo You August 1981

05 Black Limousine / Tattoo You August 1981

06 Tops / Tattoo You August 1981

07 She Was Hot / Undercover November 1983

08 Tie You Up / Undercover November 1983

09 One Hit / Dirty Work March 1986

10 Dirty Work / Dirty Work March 1986

11 Sad Sad Sad / Steel Wheels August 19

12 Almost Hear You Sigh / Steel Wheels August 1989

13 Highwire / Flashpoint October 1991

14 You Got Me Rockin’ / Voodoo Lounge July 1994

15 Out Of Tears / Voodoo Lounge July 1994

16 Gunface / Bridges To Babylon September 1997

17 Rough Justice / A Bigger Bang September 2005

18 Back Of My Hand / A Bigger Bang September 2005