It must have been 1999 when I first saw Coldplay at the Oxford Zodiac with Muse the support act we all ignored. I had no idea what they would both become but then the same thing happened with the Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkeys. The incredible thing is I still love them all and yes, that means Coldplay too because one thing that hasn’t changed is their lack of credibility. Man, some people hate Coldplay with a passion, as if all the world’s ills reside in Chris Martins dodgy piano. There was a moment around Parachutes when their arse was kissed by all and sundry but now its left to glitterati like Jay Z and what the fuck does he know right. One thing I like to do is count up the number of times the words dull, boring and worthy appear in any Coldplay review. The world record is 23 which sure is going some.

   My theory is the problem started all those years ago with the ridiculous comparisons to Radiohead, those original bastions of seriousness. That lazy piece of bullshit has been nothing but a chain around Coldplay’s neck ever since. I’ve never understood it anyway. Surely anyone can see Chris Martin is more Morten Harket than Thom Yorke. When you compare Coldplay to A-Ha it makes so much more sense. Forget all that middlebrow bollocks, Coldplay are popbrow and always have been. And once you know that they suddenly come into their own.


Dan Green


01. Bigger Stronger / The Blue Room EP October 1999

02. High Speed / The Blue Room EP October 1999

03. Shiver / Single A Side March 2000

04. Careful Where You Stand / Single B Side March 2000

05. Don't Panic / Parachutes July 2000

06. Everything's Not Lost / Parachutes July 2000

07. One I Love / Single B Side August 2002

08. Politik / A Rush Of Blood To The Head August 2002

09. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face / A Rush Of Blood To The Head August 2002

10. Amsterdam / A Rush Of Blood To The Head August 2002

11. Animals / Single B Side March 2003

12. White Shadows / X&Y June 2005

13. Twisted Logic / X&Y June 2005

14. How You See The World No.2 / Help! A Day In The Life November 2005

15. Cemeteries Of London / Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends June 2008

16. 42 / Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends June 2008

17. Glass Of Water / Prospekt's March EP November 2008

18. Life In Technicolor II / Single A Side February 2009

19. Hurts Like Heaven / Mylo Xyloto October 2011

20. Charlie Brown / Single A Side November 2011