Fucking Queen. For all their bombast, pomp and tendency to slaughter any semblance of good taste, they were still one of the few phenomena’s who actually delivered on all the hype. And boy, didn’t we all hate them for it. Proggy album suites, operatic drama, unitard moustachioed frontmen, they were without a doubt the most horrible/greatest group of the 20th century. They wanted and got it all and yet even now so much of their music remains unheard, even by those who know and love the hits.

   In the summer of 73’ Queen were certainly different; lots of airy, fairy, Tolkien shit about black queens, white queens, killer queens, every fucking kind of queen. One of our number even bought their albums and for a brief second we were dazzled. They didn’t get truly rockin’ until Sheer Heart Attack, their best album by a long mile. And from then on there was no looking back; the blustery ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, A Night At The Opera, A Day At The Races followed until Sun City and Live Aid beckoned, both tip top lessons in how to boost your career and make a few dollars more off the back of millions of Africans well and truly fucked over by the west. Then again, how to make a buck was always one of Queen’s strong points. But don’t let me put you off. Jump in here, be prepared for anything and most of all, leave your morals at the door.


01 Keep Yourself Alive (A Side July 1973)

02 Great King Rat (Queen July 1973)

03 The Fairy Fellers Master Stroke (Queen II March 1974)

04 Nevermore (Queen II March 1974)

05 The March Of The Black Queen (Queen II March 1974)

06 Brighton Rock (Sheer Heart Attack November 1974)

07 Flick Of The Wrist (Sheer Heart Attack November 1974)

08 Lily Of The Valley (Sheer Heart Attack November 1974)

09 Death On Two Legs (A Night At The Opera December 1975)

10 ’39 (A Night At The Opera December 1975)

11 Love Of My Life (A Night At The Opera December 1975)

12 Tie Your Mother Down (A Day At The Races December 1976)

13 The Millionaire Waltz (A Day At The Races December 1976)

14 Sheer Heart Attack (News Of The World November 1977)

15 Spread Your Wings (News Of The World November 1977)

16 It’s Late (News Of The World November 1977)

17 Dead On Time (Jazz November 1978)

18 Dragon Attack (The Game July 1980)

19 The Hero (Flash Gordon December 1980)