Get outta the way!!! Cos’ here she comes!!! The woman who makes Joan Jett seem like Taylor Swift! The ultimate self created pop product! Heeeeerrrrrreeee’s Madge.

   Once upon a time I owned all Madonna’s albums and there’s not many artists I can say that about. The really weird thing about her is that when she first surfaced none of us had a clue about what she would become. The ultimate punk disco love child I remember her prancing about on The Tube although what we were seeing wasn’t really what we would be getting. Picking up clues from The Slits at some New York shows she took all their junkyard chic and fuck em’ all attitude, mixed it up with her love of black dance music and became indestructible, the unlikely and ultimate white trash triumph.

   Here then is the not so well known side of the novelty disco babe who miraculously transformed herself into a pucker album shipping superstar by ditching the slaggy clothes to create a classy fifties retro image so allowing her reintroduction as a serious adult with a steely inner strength and lust for life. How could we not love her? 


01 Promise To Try / Like A Prayer March 1989

02 Keep It Together / Like A Prayer March 1989

03 Spanish Eyes / Like A Prayer March 1989

04 Waiting / Erotica October 1992

05 Inside Of Me / Bedtime Stories October 1994

06 I Want You / Something To Remember November 1995

07 Swim / Ray Of Light March 1998

08 Sky Fits Heaven / Ray Of Light March 1998

09 Little Star / Ray Of Light March 1998

10 Impressive Instant / Music September 2000

11 I Deserve It / Music September 2000

12 Gone / Music September 2000

13 Nobody Knows Me / American Life April 2003

14 Nothing Fails / American Life April 2003

15 Future Lovers / Confessions On A Dancefloor November 2006

16 Like It Or Not / Confessions On A Dancefloor November 2006