The History Of Modern Music Culture In Cover Versions Volume Three


   Everyone has a music savvy friend who loves to recommend tunes don’t they? As incredible as it may seem, at the last count we had almost 40,000, so when the first History Of Modern Music Culture In Cover Versions appeared, closely followed by Volume Two, the Green Inc mailbox immediately filled to bursting and shut down. Having never lived with the expectation of feedback before, shamefully it took us a week to even notice.

   Of course, we should have known better. After all, a good cover version has always had universal appeal and the ability to cross boundaries of age, sex, race and colour the way new music never can. Perhaps it’s because none of us really like change no matter how much we profess otherwise, and we’re so much more comfortable when things are familiar and routine. Chuck a decent cover version into your life and it can be like the insey winsey thrill or burst of excitement you get when you do something a little out of the ordinary.

   So what better way to celebrate our first couple of years than to crank out the third and final volume of The History Of Modern Music Culture In Cover Versions but this time with songs nominated by you, our regular readers. With a lot of the good stuff already taken on the first two volumes we did wonder what you’d come up with, but as your suggestions continued to flood in from the distant corners of the globe it became obvious that no stone had been left uncovered, no nook and cranny unexplored.

  Just like before, some of these songs you will know, some you will not, yet in their own way they all epitomise what a cool cover should be, often going beyond mere homage with a unique sense of style, innovation, audacity and adventure. As we all know, there’s been some true shockers over the years, but put them out of your mind for now because these are some of the best.




Kaisa Tolonen, Tampere, Finland -

1. Stereo MC’s / Tomorrow Never Knows

Original Release The Beatles August 1966 LP ‘Revolver’ 


Danill Minin, St Petersburg, Russia -

2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Best Known Release Glen Campbell October 1967 Single


Amelia Johnson, Bristol, England -

3. Magazine / Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Original Release Sly & The Family Stone December 1969 Single


Reina Franc, Prague, Czech Republic -

4. The Wolfgang Press / Mama Told Me Not To Come

Best Known Release Three Dog Night May 1970 Single


Benoit Binet, Limoges, France -

5. Grant Lee Buffalo / We’ve Only Just Begun

Original Release The Carpenters August 1970 Single


Zach Baker, New York, USA -

6. Kowtow Popof / Satellite Of Love

Original Release Lou Reed November 1972 LP ‘Transformer’


Rahul Kadam, Vasco De Gama, Goa, India -

7. Beck & Timbaland / Diamond Dogs

Original Release David Bowie May 1974 LP ‘Diamond Dogs’


Pieter Smits, Amsterdam, The Netherlands -

8. John Foxx & The Maths / Have A Cigar

Original Release Pink Floyd September 1975 LP ‘Wish You Were Here’


Mai Sugase, Kobe, Japan -

9. The Bird And The Bee / Rich Girl

Original Release Hall & Oates January 1977 Single 


Maria Perez, Anahein, Los Angeles, USA -

10. Hole / Gold Dust Woman

Original Release Fleetwood Mac February 1977 LP ‘Rumours’


Jasia Piotrowski, Lublin, Poland -

11. Curve / I Feel Love

Original Release Donna Summer July 1977 Single


Nadia Al Rashedi, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia -

12. LCD Soundsystem / No Love Lost

Original Release Joy Division June 1978 EP ‘Ideal For Living’


Leah Campbell, Montreal, Canada -

13. Lush / Outdoor Miner

Original Release Wire September 1978 LP ‘Chairs Missing’


Nicolas Goulas, Athens, Greece -

14. The Dresden Dolls / Pretty In Pink

Original Release Psychedelic Furs May 1981 LP ‘Talk Talk Talk’


Leon Klein, Berlin, Germany -

15. Kode9 / Ghost Town

Original Release The Specials June 1981 Single


John F Nilsen, Malmo, Sweden -

16. Infantjoy / Ghosts

Original Release Japan November 1981 LP ‘Tin Drum’


Adriana De Lucas, Naples, Italy -

17. Division Day / More Than This

Original Release Roxy Music April 1982 Single


Lanny Halim, Jakarta, Indonesia -

18. Lily Allen / Straight To Hell

Original Release The Clash May 1982 LP ‘Combat Rock’


Hua Jiangping, Beijing, China -

19. Hot Chip / Sexual Healing

Original Release Marvin Gaye September 1982 Single




Gabrielle Carvalho, Recife, Brazil -

1. Pavement / The Killing Moon

Original Release Echo & The Bunnymen January 1984 Single


Andrea Braun, Hamburg, Germany -

2. Minerve / Here Comes The Rain Again

Original Release Eurythmics January 1984 Single


Corina Nicolescu, Brasov, Romania -

3. Chromatics / I’m On Fire

Original Release Bruce Springsteen June 1984 LP ‘Born In The USA’


Jaime Rodriguez, Monterrey, Mexico -

4. Placebo / Running Up That Hill

Original Release Kate Bush August 1985 Single


Rachel Chong, Singapore -

5. Lorde / Swingin’ Party

Original Release The Replacements November 1985 LP ‘Tim’


Kata Yoshida, Tokyo, Japan -

6. Sixpence None The Richer / Don’t Dream It’s Over

Original Release Crowded House June 1986 LP ‘Crowded House’


Raphael Montes Zea, Sao Paulo, Brazil -

7. Smashing Pumpkins / Never Let Me Down Again

Original Release Depeche Mode September 1987 LP ‘Music For The Masses’


Petri Korpi, Helsinki, Finland -

8. 10,000 Maniacs / Everyday Is Like Sunday

Original Release Morrissey March 1988 LP ‘Viva Hate’


Louis Gagnon, Quebec, Canada -

9. Nina Gordon / Straight Outta Compton

Original Release NWA August 1988 LP ‘Straight Outta Compton’


Addie Pascal, Boulogne, France -

10. The Raveonettes / I Wanna Be Adored

Original Release The Stone Roses April 1989 LP ‘The Stone Roses’


Kristina Koval, Odessa, Ukraine -

11. Jack White / Love Is Blindness

Original Release U2 November 1991 LP ‘Achtung Baby’


Karel Bastyr, Pizen, Czech Republic -

12. Death Cab For Cutie / Love Song

Original Release The Cure August 1989 Single


Caterina Moreno, La Paz, Mexico -

13. Arctic Monkeys / Red Right Hand

Original Release Nick Cave April 1994 LP ‘Let Love In’


Katya Severinov, Moscow, Russia -

14. Elbow / Teardrop

Original Release Massive Attack April 1998 LP ‘Mezzanine’


Sibylla Van Der Meer, Utrecht, The Netherlands -

15. Bettie Serveert / Lover I Don’t Have To Love      

Original Release Bright Eyes August 2002 LP ‘Lifted’


Leo Conti, Brescia, Italy -

16. Tricky / Slow

Original Release Kylie Minogue November 2003 Single


Jacek Wozniak, Lodz, Poland -

17. The Kooks / Young Folks

Original Release Peter, Bjorn & John June 2006 Single


Maria Eklund, Stockholm, Sweden -

18. Andre 3000 & Beyonce / Back To Black

Original Release Amy Winehouse October 2006 LP ‘Back To Black’


Daniel Le Feuvre, Edinburgh, Scotland -

19. Franz Ferdinand / All My Friends

Original Release LCD Soundsystem March 2007 LP ‘Sound Of Silver’


Luka Andryenko, Kiev, Ukraine -

20. Silver Swans / Wrecking Ball

Original Release Miley Cyrus August 2013 Single