The History Of Modern Music Culture In Cover Versions Volume Two


   I’ve loved cover versions right from The Clash’s ‘Police And Thieves’ and The Pistols ‘No Fun’. You just can’t beat a good cover. Of course, these days they are so prevalent some ignorant old bastards have begun to proclaim that all the best tunes have already been written even though they don’t much like cover versions themselves. It would appear that they believe an artist is somehow cheating and artistically corrupt by performing any song other than their own. Odd then that the kind of artists these fools truly do love like Elvis P, The Beatles, The Stones, even the crinkly God that is Dylan, built their early careers on a solid foundation of other people’s songs. Naturally they would never dare call them rotten.

   As per usual it’s all in the teaching. Once upon a time covers as a concept in their own right weren’t even a consideration. They existed alongside an artist’s regular self penned songs and no-one thought anything of it. It was only at the turn of the new century that covers began to be considered something of a dirty word, no doubt influenced by the hordes of wannabe nobodies warbling all those insipid auto-tuned versions on the ever increasing cycle of TV talent shows.

   Let’s face it, crap covers of crap songs are all around these days. And yet, as we all know, they can be so much more than that. Sometimes, they can even be - shock, horror - better than the original. Just because an artist wrote a song back in the day or even the other day doesn’t mean it’s sacrosanct or untouchable. And it doesn’t necessarily mean they wrote or performed it the best way possible either, no questions asked, forever and ever amen. In fact, as far as I’m concerned, any version of a Beatles song is better than the original and the same goes for Oasis and quite possibly Dylan too.   

   What we have here on Volume Two of The History Of Modern Music Culture In Cover Versions is more of the good stuff. Despite the ridiculous, pretentious title, Volume One immediately became one of our most popular playlists ever and Volume Two is simply more of the same. I don’t think you’ll be hearing any X Factor or Voice wannabe sounding quite like these anytime soon.     




1. Beck / Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat

Original release Bob Dylan August 1966 LP ‘Blonde On Blonde’ 


2. Echo & The Bunnymen / People Are Strange

Original Release The Doors January 1967 LP 'The Doors’


3. The Cure / Purple Haze

Original Release Jimi Hendrix March 1967 Single


4. Calexico / Alone Again Or

Original Release Love November 1967 LP ‘Forever Changes’


5. Nirvana / Here She Comes Now

Original Release Velvet Underground December 1967 LP ‘White Light’


6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Sleeping Annaleah

Original Release Tom Jones July 1968 Single


7. The Pixies / Wild Honey Pie

Original Release The Beatles November 1968 ‘White Album’


8. The Sundays / Wild Horses

Original Release The Rolling Stones April 1971 LP ‘Sticky Fingers’


9. Arctic Monkeys / Diamonds Are Forever

Original Release Shirley Bassey October 1971 Film Soundtrack LP 


10. Bauhaus / Telegram Sam

Original Release T.Rex January 1972 Single 


11. The Cardigans / Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Original Release Black Sabbath December 1973 LP ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’ 


12. Black Box Recorder / Seasons In The Sun

Original Release Terry Jacks March 1974 Single


13. The Wedding Present / Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

Original Release Cockney Rebel March 1975 LP ‘Best Years Of Our Lives’


14. Sparklehorse / Wish You Were Here

Original Release Pink Floyd September 1975 LP ‘Wish You Were Here’


15. The Sea And The Cake / Sound And Vision

Original Release David Bowie January 1977 LP ‘Low’ 


16. Yeah Yeah Yeahs / Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

Original Release Ramones August 1977 Single


17. Grace Jones / Warm Leatherette

Original Release The Normal February 1978 Single


18. Sonic Youth / Ca Plane Pour Moi

Original Release Plastic Bertrand May 1978 Single


19. The Dandy Warhols / My Sharona

Original Release The Knack May 1979 Single


20. Moloko / Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

Original Release Tubeway Army May 1979 Single




1. Hot Chip / Transmission

Original Release Joy Division October 1979 Single


2. Camera Obscura / Super Trouper

Original Release Abba November 1980 Single


3. Rowland S. Howard / White Wedding

Original Release Billy Idol October 1982 Single


4. No Doubt / It’s My Life

Original Release Talk Talk January 1984 Single


5. The Postal Service / Against All Odds

Original Release Phil Collins March 1984 Single


6. Iron & Wine / Love Vigilantes

Original Release New Order May 1985 Single


7. Elbow / Running To Stand Still

Original Release U2 March 1987 LP ‘The Joshua Tree’


8. Lambchop / This Corrosion

Original Release Sisters Of Mercy September 1987 Single


9. Dinosaur Jr. / Just Like Heaven

Original Release The Cure April 1989 Single


10. Dynamite Hack / Boyz N The Hood

Original Release NWA November 1987 LP ‘NWA & The Posse’


11. Jesus And Mary Chain / Tower Of Song

Original Release Leonard Cohen August 1990 LP ‘I’m Your Man’


12. Marilyn Manson / Personal Jesus

Original Release Depeche Mode August 1989 Single


13. Timo Raisanen / Creep

Original Release Radiohead September 1992 Single


14. Devendra Banhart / Don’t Look Back In Anger

Original Release Oasis October 1995 LP ‘Morning Glory’


15. Klaxons / No Diggity

Original Release Blackstreet September 1996 Single


16. Naosol & The Waxx Blend / Clint Eastwood

Original Release Gorillaz March 2001 Single


17. The Lemonheads / Beautiful

Original Release Christina Aguilera November 2002 Single


18. Ruth / Fix You

Original Release Coldplay June 2005 LP ‘X & Y’


19. Violent Femmes / Crazy

Original Release Gnarls Barkley March 2006 Single


20. The Big Pink / Sweet Dreams

Original Release Beyonce November 2008 Single