Play 2022 / The Best Of The Year


“It's different from thirty years ago. There's no rebellion left. Everyone is just a passive zombie. Food supply has something to do with it. It's dumbed down everyone to obese, lethargic corpses. People are worn down. It's a fragmented society. People have access now to amazing amounts of information but their attention spans are getting shorter. Instant gratification. Instant knowledge orgasm! A lot of the great thinkers couldn't achieve what they did through a PC.”


01. PETER DOHERTY & FREDERICK LO “The Epidemiologist” From The Fantasy Life Of Crime And Poetry March 2022

02. BLACK MIDI “Love Story” From Cavalcovers EP March 2022

03. LYNKS “Silly Boy” From Men EP March 2022

04. CROWS “Slowly Separate” From Beware Believers April 2022

05. THE SMILE “Pana-vision” Download April 2022

06. HOT CHIP “Down” Download April 2022

07. KENDRICK LAMAR Feat. Beth Gibbons “Mother I Sober” From Mr Morale & The Big Steppers May 2022

08. BARNEY ARTIST & MR JUKES “93” Download May 2022

09. MURKAGE DAVE “Sadness Is On His Way” From The City Needs A Hero May 2022

10. CHANCE THE RAPPER & JOEY BADA$$ “The Highs & The Lows” Download June 2022 

11. VIAGRA BOYS “Punk Rock Loser” From Cave World July 2022

12. WORKING MENS CLUB “Widow” From Fear Fear July 2022

13. EASTER “Some In The Nude” Download July 2022

14. DANGER MOUSE & BLACK THOUGHT Feat. Michael Kiwanuka “Aquamarine” From Cheat Codes August 2022

15. OLIVER SIM Feat. Jimmy Somerville “Hideous” From Hideous Bastard September 2022

16. JAMIE XX “Kill Dem” Download September 2022

17. SPORTS TEAM “The Drop” From Gulp! September 2022

18. TEEBS & PANDA BEAR “Did It Again” Download September 2022

19. EASY LIFE “Beeswax” From Maybe In Another Life October 2022

20. YOUNG FATHERS “I Saw” Download October 2022