“Lately I’ve been wondering if all the mental and emotional energy I’ve invested in this music was such a wise move, whether searching for utopia through music has not been a mistake. I’m guessing that’s partly down to middle age when there’s been a tendency to forget that there was once a time when music seemed a matter of life and death; when days were whiled away listening to records and poring over LP covers in some ill-defined, yet all-important quest.”


01. GRAHAM COXON “Bus Stop” From The End Of The F***ing World LP January 2018

02. HAK BAKER “Skint” From Download January 2018

03. YOUNG FATHERS “In My View” From Cocoa Sugar LP March 2018

04. AMEN DUNES “Blue Rose” From Freedom LP March 2018

05. BEACH HOUSE “Lemon Glow” From 7 LP May 2018

06. CHILDISH GAMBINO “This Is America” From Download May 2018

07. DJ KOZE Feat. Jose Gonzalez “Music On My Teeth” From Knock Knock LP May 2018

08. FATHER JOHN MISTY “Just Dumb Enough To Try” From God’s Favorite Customer LP June 2018

09. JAMES BLAKE “Don’t Miss It” From Download June 2018

10. LILY ALLEN Feat. Giggs “Trigger Bang” From No Shame LP June 2018

11. LET’S EAT GRANDMA “Ava” From I’m All Ears LP June 2018

12. CHANCE THE RAPPER “I Might Need Security” From Download July 2018

13. VIAGRA BOYS “Sports” From Street Worms LP September 2018

14. YVES TUMOR “Noid” From Safe In The Hands Of Love LP September 2018

15. PHOSPHORESCENT “C’est La Vie No 2” From C’est La Vie LP October 2018


17. LES BIG BYRD “Gerausche” From Iran Iraq IKEA LP October 2018

18. PARCELS “Lightenup” From Parcels LP October 2018

19. BILL RYDER-JONES “Mither” From Yawn LP November 2018

20. THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE QUEEN “Merrie Land” From Merrie Land LP November 2018