Play 2016 / The Best Of The Year


“Life has got longer – maybe not such a good idea because the extra years add only quantity, scarcely quality – and evolution planned time into its agenda for us. Maybe three score years and ten is just about right. There are seven billion of us. Why be selfish and insist on longevity? Let’s dance away to death. We could go accompanied by drums and fiddles. Few get such an accompaniment in life.”


01 SAVAGES “Adore” From Adore Life January 2016

02 FIELD MUSIC “The Noisy Days Are Over” From Commontime February 2016

03 ANIMAL COLLECTIVE “Lying In The Grass” From Painting With February 2016

04 PARQUET COURTS “Human Performance” From Human Performance April 2016

05 JAMES BLAKE “Radio Silence” From The Colour In Anything May 2016

06 ANOHNI “Crisis” From Hopelessness May 2016

07 RADIOHEAD “Decks Dark” From A Moon Shaped Pool May 2016

08 CHANCE THE RAPPER “Same Drugs” From Coloring Book May 2016

09 GABRIEL BRUCE “Come All Sufferers” From Come All Sufferers May 2016

10 LET’S EAT GRANDMA “Eat Shiitake Mushrooms” From I, Gemini June 2016

11 DJ SHADOW “Nobody Speak” From The Mountain Will Fall June 2016

12 METRONOMY “Old Skool” From Summer 08 July 2016

13 THE AVALANCHES “Frankie Sinatra” [Extended Mix] From Wildflower July 2016

14 FATHER JOHN MISTY “Real Love Baby” From Download July 2016

15 ROOSEVELT “Belong” From Roosevelt August 2016

16 FRANK OCEAN “Nikes” From Blond August 2016

17 DANNY BROWN “Really Doe” From Download September 2016

18 TEMPLES “Certainty” From Download September 2016

19 SLEAFORD MODS “TCR” From TCR EP October 2016

20 LEONARD COHEN “If I Didn’t Have Your Love” From You Want It Darker October 2016