Self-deprecating, self-mythologizing and self-destructive, Ryan Adams has always gone all out to fuck up his life and career. Once a precocious wunderkid I think it’s safe to say that he threw away most of his early magical momentum to pursue his ever changing artistic dream and a shitload of Class A drugs. It’s a shame because while he could be funny, bitter and sad all at the same time, he’s the only man I know who could do it all in one song and with that incredible voice too. 

   Following the magnificent Heartbreaker and Gold LP’s, he kind of lost the plot by releasing six albums over the following four years. Seemingly incapable of concentrating on any one idea his numerous projects included a punk group with Jesse Malin, a black metal sci-fi album, a homage to The Replacements and hundreds of ‘regular’ songs in varying stages of completion.

   The music industry just wasn’t built for someone as prolific and wayward as Ryan Adams. His wilful, erratic substance fuelled ways may have enhanced his cult status but they wrecked any chance of the stardom he had once held in the palm of his hand. Even as a rabid fan I always found his constant dodging about a bit tiresome. Too much too often, he was way too prolific for his own good. In fact, it was only when he joined up with The Cardinals that he began to slow down. What his future holds God only knows, but one thing is most definitely certain, Ryan Adams will never be predictable.


1. Faithless Street (Whiskeytown) / Faithless Street LP January 1996

2. Houses On The Hill (Whiskeytown) / Strangers Almanac LP July 1997

3. 16 Days (Whiskeytown) / Strangers Almanac LP July 1997

4. Jacksonville Skyline (Whiskeytown) / Pneumonia LP Recorded 1999

5. To Be Young / Heartbreaker LP October 2000

6. My Winding Wheel / Heartbreaker LP October 2000

7. Shakedown On 9th Street / Heartbreaker LP October 2000

8. New York, New York / Gold LP September 2001

9. La Cienga Just Smiled / Gold LP September 2001

10. Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd / Gold LP September 2001

11. Hallelujah / Demolition LP September 2002

12. Wish You Were Here / Rock n Roll LP November 2003

13. World War 24 / Love Is Hell Pt 1 LP November 2003

14. I See Monsters / Love Is Hell Pt 2 LP December 2003

15. Don’t Even Know Her Name / Moroccan Role EP January 2004

16. The Battle (with Caitlin Cary) / The Battle EP December 2004

17. Let It Ride / Cold Roses LP May 2005

18. The End / Jacksonville City Nights LP September 2005

19. Pa / Jacksonville City Nights LP September 2005

20. Carolina Rain / 29 LP January 2006

21. How To Grow Old / Easy Tiger LP June 2007

22. Down In A Hole / Follow The Lights EP October 2007