Unless you’re beginning to crumble around the edges, the name Dion DiMucci won’t mean much but in the halcyon days of the late 50’s and early 60’s, Dion was The Man! The leader of doo wopper’s The Belmonts, his decision to go out on his own to pursue a more rockin’ beat paid off immediately. The boy went supernova. Dion may have been one of those curious 60’s format singers whose records all sounded the same but I was always fine with that as he did it so well. And it’s a fact that he always had that little extra something, almost other worldly, about him. Ironically, it turned out that he did.

   Long before the lauded druggy cool of Keith Richards, Lou Reed or anyone from Elastica, Dion was a full blown smackhead and one of the first to go public. At the time it was considered shameful so he disappeared from view yet his drive and guts were sorely missed in an era that had become hopelessly flaccid and flabby. 

   Three years later, against the odds, he returned all Dylanised to cut some of his finest records. Clean and fit, he even returned to the charts with the classic peace anthem ‘Abraham, Martin And John’. But it was the B Side, ‘Daddy Rollin’ (In Your Arms)’, that was the real eye opener. With a metronomic beat that was pure Mo Tucker, in just over two minutes he exorcised the demon heroin once and for all in a song as close to the darkness of The Velvets as any former 60’s teen idol would ever get.


1. I Wonder Why / Dion & The Belmonts / Single A Side May 1958

2. No One Knows / Dion & The Belmonts / Single A Side August 1958

3. A Teenager In Love / Dion & The Belmonts / Single A Side April 1959

4. I Can’t Go On (Rosalie) / Dion & The Belmonts / Presenting….LP June 1959

5. Lonely Teenager / Single A Side October 1960

6. Runaround Sue / Single A Side September 1961

7. The Wanderer / Single A Side November 1961

8. Lonely World / Runaround Sue LP November 1961

9. Lovers Who Wander / Single A Side April 1962

10. Little Diane / Single A Side July 1962

11. (I Was) Born To Cry / Lovers Who Wander LP July 1962

12. Ruby Baby / Single A Side January 1963

13. Gonna Make It Alone / Ruby Baby LP March 1963

14. Will Love Ever Come My Way / Ruby Baby LP March 1963

15. Troubled Mind / Originally Unreleased Recorded May 1963

16. Donna The Prima Donna / Single A Side September 1963

17. This Little Girl / Donna The Prima Donna LP September 1963

18. Drip Drop / Single A Side November 1963

19. Chicago Blues / Single B Side October 1964

20. Baby, I’m In The Mood For You / Originally Unreleased Recorded June 1965

21. Kickin’ Child / Single B Side June 1965

22. All I Want To Do / Originally Unreleased Recorded October 1965

23. Tomorrow Won’t Bring The Rain / Single A Side February 1966

24. Two Ton Feather / Single B Side July 1966

25. Wonder Where I’m Bound / Wonder Where I’m Bound LP March 1968

26. Abraham, Martin And John / Single A Side October 1968

27. Daddy Rollin’ (In Your Arms) / Single B Side October 1968

28. He Looks A Lot Like Me / Dion LP December 1968  

29. You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover / Sit Down Old Friend LP July 1970