The most interesting thing Weller has ever done, the Style Council started out with laudable ideals but ended up with pretentious, mean spirited self important jazz pop fusions, an unreleased house album, and a leader shot to shit. One of the biggest bands of the eighties, in the beginning they were actually pretty good and hugely commercial, even claiming the dubious honour of a place at Geldof’s high table.   

   Of course, Wellers interest in the cosmopolitan world of cappuccinos, coffee bars, Blue Note Jazz and rare soul wouldn’t raise an eyebrow these days but back in the mid eighties they were all hugely alien concepts. Weller was a badge wearing socialist veggie in a raincoat, cycling shirts and expensive footwear with an obsession with the French. Incredibly I didn’t laugh once.

   What I didn’t know at the time was that he was merely copying a move made by the original modernist faces in his beloved sixties. When the mod movement descended into a sheep like mentality following the mod’s v rockers beach battles, to disassociate themselves from the throng these faces became even more obscure and selective with their influences. Weller had just followed their sign posts on the exact same route. A disturbing pattern began to emerge.


01 HEADSTART FOR HAPPINESS / Single B Side May 1983

02 THE PARIS MATCH / a Paris EP August 1983

03 IT JUST CAME TO PIECES IN MY HANDS / Single B Side November 1983

04 SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN / Single B Side February 1984

05 ME SHIP CAME IN! / Café Bleu March 1984

06 MY EVER CHANGING MOODS / Café Bleu March 1984

07 HERES ONE THAT GOT AWAY / Café Bleu March 1984

08 THE WHOLE POINT OF NO RETURN / Café Bleu March 1984

09 BIG BOSS GROOVE / Groovin’ EP May 1984

10 THE PICCADILLY TRAIL / Single B Side October 1984

11 BLOOD SPORTS / Single B Side May 1985

12 COME TO MILTON KEYNES / Our Favourite Shop June 1985

13 INTERNATIONALISTS / Our Favourite Shop June 1985

14 BOY WHO CRIED WOLF / Our Favourite Shop June 1985

15 A MAN OF GREAT PROMISE / Our Favourite Shop June 1985

16 DOWN IN THE SEINE / Our Favourite Shop June 1985

17 THE LODGERS / Our Favourite Shop June 1985

18 FAIRY TALES / The Cost Of Loving February 1987

19 THE COST OF LOVING / Single B Side October 1987

20 SWEET LOVING WAYS / Single B Side May 1988

21 CHANGING OF THE GUARD / Confessions Of A Pop Group June 1988

22 WHY I WENT MISSING / Confessions Of A Pop Group June 1988

23 HOW SHE THREW IT ALL AWAY / Confessions Of A Pop Group June 1988