Long ago I used to think Robbie Williams was alright. Naturally Claire loved him, being of the age and all that. In those early solo days, as a podgy drunken twat he was quite endearing, a talentless little boy lost in a sea of sharks. A lot of those early tunes weren’t half bad probably because of the brill building song writing sensibility of Guy Chambers; ‘Better Days’, ‘Teenage Millionaire’, ‘I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing’, ‘Coke And Tears’, they all had a certain charm . Listen without prejudice and you’ll hear what I mean.

   Then the gooning monkey man went and fucked it up big time. Nothing puts me off more than a singer going all swing. Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, all those horrible standards, I hate the fucking lot of them! And as a result, Robbie Williams suddenly became Mr Showbiz, complete with ridiculous pikey tattoos and a gargantuan diva ego. Unfortunately, ever since a slightly sinister cynical pantomine thread seems to have run pretty much through everything he’s done; from his cynical alliance with Take That to the new solo songs with Gazza Barlow.

   I’d love to think that the Robster really is that rare thing; a pop star with a genuine slice of humility. He certainly interviews like that, yet even to this day I’m not quite sure. He could just be the biggest con there’s ever been! Of course, Claire still loves him, there’s no danger of that love bubble bursting anytime soon.


01 Better Days / Single B Side April 1997

02 Teenage Millionaire / Single B Side June 1997

03 She Makes Me High / Single B Side June 1997

04 Cheap Love Song / Single B Side September 1997

05 I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing / Single B Side March 1998

06 Deceiving Is Believing / Single B Side November 1998

07 Its Only Us / Single B Side November 1999

08 Coke And Tears / Single B Side November 1999

09 Often / Single B Side October 2000

10 Come Take Me Over / Single B Side December 2000

11 Toxic / Single B Side July 2001

12 One Fine Day / Single B Side April 2003

13 Coffee, Tea And Sympathy / Single B Side July 2003

14 Big Beef / Single B Side November 2003

15 Northern Town / Single B Side October 2004

16 The Postcard / Single B Side December 2004

17 Chemical Devotion / Single B Side December 2004

18 My Culture / With Maxi Jazz 1 Giant Leap March 2005

19 Bag Full Of Silly / Single B Side October 2005

      20 Mess Me Up / Single B Side November 2006