1. Dewey Cox / Walk Hard (Punk Version) / Walk Hard : The Dewey Cox Story / October 2007

2. The Fabulous Stains / Professionals / Ladies & Gentleman, The Fabulous Stains / October 1982

3. The Bang Bang / Two Way Romeo / Brothers Of The Head / October 2006

4. Sex Bob-Omb / Garbage Truck / Scott Pilgrim Vs The World / August 2010

5. The Kinky Wizards / Inside Game / High Fidelity / May 2000

6. Stillwater / Fever Dog / Almost Famous / September 2000

7. Wylde Rattz / TV. Eye / Velvet Goldmine / November 1998

8. The Venus In Furs / Ladytron / Velvet Goldmine / November 1998

9. The Weird Sisters / Do The Hippogriff / Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire / November 2005

10. Munchausen By Proxy / Yes Man / Yes Man / December 2008

   The average lifespan of a band involves everything from playing gigs to the first record to success (or not) to breaking up before eventually reuniting, all over years or even decades But a fictional band can experience all of these growing pains over one 90 minute movie. Sometimes these make believe acts are ridiculously stupid but sometimes their actually good enough to make viewers seek out their songs. Very strange but I’ve got to admit if there’s one thing I love it’s a great fictional band. I love their fictional names, their fictional songs and usually their fictional hair too. So here’s my own list, in no particular order, of some pretty amazing imaginary groups from the brilliant Sex Bob-Omb to Jarvis Cocker and his Weird Sisters.

Dan Green