As 1994 turned into 1995, something exciting came to life within the music world as Blur, Oasis and loads of others began to shake things up in a big way. 12 years old I was already a fan of the big two although to me their singles were subsumed within the wonderful world of chart pop. Back in the mid-90’s there always seemed to be something for everyone which is why, since it had everything, the 90’s was the best decade of them all, especially for Britpoppers who made their name and sealed their reputations as happy-go lucky popsters.

   Midway through the second decade of the 21st century, nearly all of those here are now wallowing in their mid-forties with the honorable exception of Gaz Coombes, still a mere strap of a lad at 38, and Paul Weller who could quite easily be his Dad. They have all grown up, married with kids, and are perhaps not quite so happy-go lucky as they used to be, or so it would seem.

  Whether any of them have very much of interest to impart or are in any way relevant to the world of today is doubtful, even if no-one gives a shit about that kind of thing anymore. Nonetheless, I would argue that musically the likes of our Damo, Jarvis and Gaz are actually far better than they were in the Britpop glory days. Obviously I’m incredibly biased, so much so that even the critically hated Kula Shaker will always have a place in my heart, but I can’t help feeling that if you didn’t know who they were by, most of the tunes here are just as rewarding as any other guitar pop out there.


Dan Green

January 2015


1. Pulp / After You (Soulwax Remix) / Single B-Side / January 2013

2. Gaz Coombes Presents / Break The Silence / Here Come The Bombs / May 2012

3. Blur / The Puritan / Single B-Side / July 2012

4. Super Furry Animals / The Very Best Of Neil Diamond / Dark Days/Light Years / March 2009

5. High Flying Birds / In The Heat Of The Moment / Chasing Yesterday / March 2015

6. Suede / Snowblind / Bloodsports / March 2013

7. Paul Weller / Green / Sonik Kicks / March 2012

8. Ash / Physical World / Download / June 2010

9. Kula Shaker / Modern Blues / Pilgrims Progress / June 2010

10. Luke Haines / English Southern Man / 21st Century Man / November 2009